Monday, September 15, 2014

PiYo Day 52: Sweat

Hey, remember me?

Yeah, I'm that girl who rocked PiYo at the beginning and then hurt her back again so now she's piddling out at the end of PiYo.

Or maybe I'm that girl who rocked PiYo at the beginning and then hurt her back again so now she's kicking ass and finishing up - even though she's a little late - instead of quitting.


Life will never allow you to stay on course - even for the few humans who are blessed with what can only be described as an "easy" life. At the end of the day, everybody hurts sometimes.

Hmm, someone should write a song about that.

On a side note, I do not recommend taking a week long, pasta- and cake-fueled break from PiYo. If you do have to take a break, try to limit it to just a couple of days, and fuel up on either cake or pasta. Or neither. Or, ideally, something that will actually make you feel good, and not like you are dying inside when you try to do down dog.

Today's Sweat workout was tough; I felt about twenty pounds heavier than usual around my middle. I am getting this weird sensation lately. I seem to be toning up from my extremities inwards; my lower legs and arms are feeling stronger and more toned, but then you get to my middle (basically from my waist to my knees) and it's like, "I know you're in there somewhere underneath all these hot beige pillows."

I can tell that my glutes and hamstrings are more toned, but it's like they're ceding away from my fat pillows and forming their own healthy sovereign nation. There's a weird sense of space between the two.

Have any of you experienced this, or am I having some sort of hallucination brought on by birthday candle-blowing hyperventilation and overexcitement?

It's weird. I'm still out here on my little island of Late Finishers. I've only got a few more days of PiYo left; and even though that means there are only a few Post-its left on the calendar, I can't tell you what day I'll finish. Because I might be delayed by back pain. Or by a day so beautiful, so brilliant, that I can't help but go outdoors and enjoy it instead of working out inside. Or by a birthday or five (yes, we have five family birthdays in September, including my own).

What I can tell you is that I will finish. Eventually.

And when I do, all of these posts will be wrapped up in a nice little bow on a special page, so only people who really take the time to read them (and their published dates) will figure out that Life got in my way a little bit on this journey.

Thanks for sticking around.

PiYo on.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Food for thought

"I once saw a forklift life a crate of forks.  It was way too literal for me."

-  Mitch Hedberg (1968-2005)

Photo by night-shadows-3

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

HoCoLife Episode 4: School's Out (already?!) and Art's In!

County Executive Ken Ulman poses for a selfie in front of one of the
Off the Wall open-air art installations.
A couple weeks ago, we talked all about the first days back at school, so naturally, schools are already closed (what are those "professional development" days all about, anyway?).

We've got some great resources for activities planned especially for these planned days off of school, so you'll be sure to find something to keep your kids occupied!

We also talk about the Road to the Arts weekend, where art galleries and installations all around HoCo are holding special receptions and exhibitions, showcasing the best artists from right here in Howard County.

Off the Wall is another art exhibit opening today, in collaboration with the Walters Art Museum. Check out the locations around HoCo where you can see the open-air reproductions of artwork!

You can go here to download the Road to the Arts gallery/exhibit map, or here to download the brochure about the art installations all around HoCo!

Finally, we talk about what is clearly the most important item of the day - my birthday!! I've got a couple of celebratory dinners planned at AIDA Bistro and White Oak Tavern - two of my favorite area restaurants! AIDA has a new menu debuting this week, with yummy additions like braised lamb ragu and pumpkin ravioli!

Get out and enjoy HoCo this week!

Podbay Link:

P.S. We're running a special promotion until Sept 20. Bring in a Ray Rice jersey, and we will donate $2.70 to HopeWorks AND give you a $10 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods so you can go buy a new jersey! Call 410-964-2400 and ask for Elizabeth for more details!

PiYo Day 51: Buns

Happy BUNSday to me!

Today is my birthday, which means that I will possess birthday magic for the entire day and am virtually invincible. Life will come easy. No challenge will be too difficult to overcome. Happiness and prosperity will ensue.

And there's cake.

I woke up this morning thinking that I might treat myself to a workout-free day. What better way to start off the festivities than to sleep in a little later, take my time in the morning, and not get all hot and sweaty?

Then, another thought occurred to me: what if I looked at my workout as a treat? As a way to kickstart my day, to add another notch to my healthy belt? To do at least one thing today that is propelling me in the direction I want - a healthy life.

So I did Buns.

So glad I did. Now I know that no matter what else I do today - no matter the indulgences, the off-trackedness, the celebration - I have done something good for myself.

And that feels pretty dang good.

Monday, September 8, 2014

PiYo Day 50: Drench

Didn't we already cover this?

Hour-long workouts are not cool on a Monday. Mondays can suck it; especially when Drench is involved.

Oh well, I rocked it anyway. Well, sort of - I had to modify quite a bit and even had to skip down dogs completely. My back just isn't letting me do those right now. Hopefully whatever kink this is will work itself out so I can get back to pointing my ass straight up in the air like all classy women do.

This morning started out with a walk - can you believe the weather today (well, at least the weather in the mid-Atlantic)? Such a change from the disgustingly muggy rest of the weekend, today was refreshing with low humidity and a cloud cover. A sign of the impending Autumn, with its crunchy leaves and creamy pumpkin treats. I couldn't help but go for a walk as soon as I woke up today.

It felt so good.

I came home today feeling quite energized. I don't know what's going on. Maybe it was the walk, maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the full moon. I'm trying not to overthink it and instead simply be grateful for the burst of motivation.

Despite the modifications, I still got a really good workout today with Drench. I felt balanced and my core felt good, though by the middle it was pretty fatigued - I had to be extra careful not to let my core engagement lapse.

I finished off the evening with a clean, healthy meal - bulgogi-style ground turkey over lettuce with cucumbers and just a bit of rice.

Good day. I'll take it.