Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to...Everyone!

There are many reasons I love the month of September: the weather starts to cool off, the leaves start to change, I get to see my students again.  But there is one very big, very special reason I love September: it's my birthday month!

I'm one of those people who probably annoys the heck out of you with their comments like, "I know that the 17th is a Saturday, because the 10th is a Saturday and that's my birthday" or "Oh look, it's September!  Only nine more days until my birthday!"  I don't let it stop with just my birthday, either.  I love doing little things to make people feel appreciated on their own special day.  This year, I've taken on the responsibility of passing around cards for people to sign and arranging birthday treats for my coworkers.  I feel like a birthday is a day that would be totally mundane, except for the fact that you were born on that day and that makes it really, really cool.

September is officially "birthday month" in my family.  My sister is the 5th,  I'm the 10th, my cats are the 12th, my father-in-law is the 20th, and my stepmother is the 25th.  Phew!  Not to mention that two coworkers of mine have birthdays in the first week of September.  That makes seven celebrations, seven cakes, seven dinners/parties for me to navigate my way through.  Although the cats don't really get a party, so I guess that brings the number down to six.  But still...six!

But what a treat!  I love having an extra-special reason to get together with loved ones, to sign a card, to take a few moments to celebrate each person's contribution to this little thing we call life.

Photo by F4wn4y

When's your birthday?  What do you do to make it extra special for yourself?

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  1. Happy soon-to-be Birthday! I hope you have a GREAT month!