Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Tree

As much as I love Christmas, and the anticipation that comes before the holiday, there were times this year where I didn't think I'd actually be ready for it.  With the stress of the school year bearing down upon me a couple of weeks ago, I had the audacity to suggest to the Sous Chef that perhaps we should forgo getting a tree this year.

I know.  I can hardly believe it myself.  And I'm the one who suggested it.

I am glad that the Sous Chef persevered and demanded that we keep the tradition going.  He even used the secret weapon - appealing to my innate frugality - and told me he found a place that sold trees for just $35.  And that was that.  We went out last Tuesday and bought ourselves a cute, cost-effective conifer:

Best $35 we ever spent.

And now that it's decorated, we're all set for the holidays.  We've got:

Pumpkin pie...

A few snowflakes...

And even a little magic.

Everything we need.

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  1. Good for Mr. Sous! Tell him Strudel and Streusel say hi! Traditions are important. Merry Christmas friend!