Saturday, March 9, 2013

Randy and Steve's: The New General Store in Historic Ellicott City

Let's play a game - Find the Sous Chef!!
I love walking around Main Street on a nice day.  Surrounded by both historic buildings and rugged nature, you don't exactly feel transported back in time, but you do feel delightfully separated from the normal humdrum of life.

I tell you, a single afternoon of sunshine and strolling around here is enough to fully reinvigorate one's energies.  It's like a four-hour-long vacation.

Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to live in this area!

Sous Chef and I were strolling around EC a couple of weeks ago while I did some research for the magazine.  In between stops at nearly every alleyway (Sous Chef is inexplicably fascinated by alleyways), we stumbled upon Randy and Steve's: The New General Store.  Walking in to that place, I can only describe it as if a health spa, garden shop, and specialty kitchen store had a threesome and somehow popped out a sophisticated yet earthy little baby wrapped in organic white linen.

The store is small (as are so many of the shops on Main Street), but not cramped - there's plenty of room to search through the shelves for all kinds of nifty delicacies.  I immediately noticed little touches like carefully-angled tasting spoons sitting atop a repurposed, freshly painted door.

There is a large selection from Stonewall Kitchen, a well-known gourmet food line, and all sorts of other foodie finds.  An array of spices from local tastemonger Vanns Spices.  Little packets of dried mushrooms.  Fig balsamic vinegar.  Yes.  Fig.  Balsamic.  Vinegar.  I must try it.

Towards the back of the store, there's a refrigerated case with individual sodas and other drinks, as well as a large assortment of grab-and-go treats - perfect for a day of window shopping along Main Street.  They even have Chukar Cherries!

Try the Shokomonk chocolate bars - my favorites are mint and cocoa nib.

Eventually, Randy and Steve are going to have a deli in the back of the store - I can't wait!  I can see it now - popping in to say "Hi" to the friendly proprietors, grabbing a quick bite and some more truffle oil or a soap set for a friend's birthday, strolling down Main Street with a Shokomonk bar in my hand and a smile on my face.

Let's play another game - Get the Sous Chef to Gaze Dreamily Into the Distance!!

I love Spring in HoCo.

Shop well.

Randy and Steve's: The New General Store

8249 Main Street
EC MD 21043


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  1. I love that store! And I'm happy Randy and Steve are back in the HoCo. Hey, if you ever have Hoco-focused posts, you can use one of these tags (directions here) -

    1. Thanks, Jessie! I always forget to do that - thanks for the reminder. I just added them and updated the post!